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Our Story

25 Years of Vending Experience and a New Age of Technology

First Choice Vending is a 25-year-old business based in Brooklyn, New York that offers unattended retail services to over 300 locations in the Tri-State Area. What started with a single drink machine has grown to serve a wide range of customers, including offices, schools, industrial warehouses, medical centers, and government offices.

First Choice Vending has followed all of the market trends to give the best service to its customers. In the early days, the company focused on traditional vending machines that dispensed snacks and beverages. As the market changed, First Choice Vending added coffee services, micro markets, and non-food vending.


In addition to its commitment to customer service, First Choice Vending is also committed to sustainability. We offers easily-recyclable aluminum cans and recycled plastic bottles wherever possible.

Bank of Vending Machines with customer
Self Servce Cold Brew Vending

Always Offering New and Improved Products and Services

Employee Lounger Vending Machine
Snack and Beverage Vending Machine
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